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24 October 2017

Fishing Out Of The Sea | LU2

Fishing Out Of The Sea | LU2

Stuck in a dilemma: between letting it all go or continuing till the end. Lila, a young pessimistic writer, is having trouble finishing her novel. Three months have passed and she is still facing a creative block, but time is going by as there are only three days left for the due date. Trying to find a source of inspiration after completely isolating herself from the world, the twist of destiny leads her to her old wooden musical box. She blindfolds herself as she dives through her memories. Yet will she be able to fish out of the sea?

Genre: Fiction
Director: Hala El-Kouch
Running Time: 17’ 25”
Cast: Flavia Juska Bechara | Layal Ghanem | Aya El Koush
Production: 2017


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