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posted by on 09 January 2018 | No Waste is the New Era!

No Waste is the New Era!

What steps would you take to help NDU become a no waste campus?


posted by Jack Khalil on 02 May 2018

Say no to waste !! we demand a better country with better leaders. With much love - Robotics <3

posted by Bassel Akar on 12 April 2018

I'd really like final exams to be taken electronically. It pains my heart and back to carry hundreds of exam papers every semester to mark!

posted by Melissa Iskandar on 24 January 2018

Penalties when throwing stuff on the ground, could be something really minimal not necessarily money. But students don't even recycle in ndu, i was a student and they ignore the signs on the bins. Awareness is required

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