posted by on 03 November 2017 | Together Against Hunger

Together Against Hunger

What action can you take against hunger?


posted by Tina Habchi on 07 November 2017

Spread not only awareness, but also devotion. If every single individual contributed, no matter how small the contribution is, then the sum of all of these little actions taken would make a huge difference. Donate whatever you can, and don’t waste. Instead, share your leftovers. Our waste could feed hungry people the world over.

posted by rayya sarieddine on 07 November 2017

instead of throwing away excess food which adds on to the garbage crisis and waste of money , we can give the food to the hunger

posted by Jean-Michel Haddad on 07 November 2017

On an individual level, I can buy non-perishable food (canned meat/fish, canned nuts, dry cereal, etc.) , raise money but also awareness. These actions are good ways of helping people around me who are in need. On a more realistic level and with much more efficiency, the power to solve world hunger truely lies in the hands of governments who do not seem to know their priorities when it comes to using their economic capital. For instance, in 2016, military budget, only for the US was about $611 billion. Imagine what just 1/3 of this money could've accomplished if directed toward fighting against world hunger.

posted by Chloe Salameh on 07 November 2017

Donate food to poor people and hungry children, and providing them with good quality food and donating money to help hunger associations feed unhealthy and starving people.

posted by Hanadi Hammoud on 07 November 2017

Donation of money, food, time and energy for everyone in need

posted by Georgio el Alam on 07 November 2017

Food donation, cooked food donation for those in need, and also money donation to provide the necessary diet.

posted by Sarin mekhjian on 07 November 2017

Through donating money to food hunger organizations or organizing food packaging events.

posted by Charbel el hachem on 07 November 2017

Donate food or money to organization that will feed them or use the money to plant food or buy food

posted by Nour Bou Zerdane on 07 November 2017

Donating money in order to buy food for hungry people.

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