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The minor in Jazz will educate students about the background theory and the applied instrumental needed to qualify for job opportunities in entertainment, teaching, festivals, directing, etc.

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Objectives and Outcomes

Selection and preparation of courses for the Minor in Jazz Music at the Department of Musicology at NDU is based on the observation that the contemporary application of jazz music seems more attractive to the younger generations. The number of students inquiring about jazz music exceeds the number of students inquiring about other minors in Music.
NDU will be the first university offering this Minor in Jazz Music and creating opportunities for students to add to their education an added knowledge in the subject and in accordance with the mission of the University and its commitment to the philosophy and standards of the American model of liberal arts education.
Our goal is to attract students from other Faculties to learn jazz music language and appreciate the cultural richness of this field. Theory and application will be combined to provide the knowledge and creativity in becoming aware of this music.


The minor in Jazz Music comprises 15 credits. The candidate could be an amateur musician practicing a musical instrument. Occasionally students with a good academic standing of a GPA of 2.0/4.0 or above may enroll in this minor. They can count only 6 credits that they have taken from the list of the Jazz Music minor requirements while pursuing another major.


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