JULY 13-15, 2016    

Computational tools are evolving rapidly as computers are being applied to a wide variety of engineering fields and disciplines. The benefits of using computer simulations in production and research are indisputable, and involve more efficient utilization of resources and its resulting cost saving. ACTEA'16 aims at bringing together researchers and engineers, and providing a common platform for all experts involved in computational tools to advance the state of knowledge by sharing research results and pioneering views about recent trends and developments. ACTEA’16 is the third edition in a series that started in 2009 and is being sponsored by local sections/branches of major societies operating in the country.

You are invited to check the various pages of the conference website on regular basis for the latest development and announcements. You may also send us your e-mail if you would like to receive the latest news directly in your mailbox.

Please contact us at actea@ndu.edu.lb for more information or if you have specific questions.

Previous editions of ACTEA Conference Series may be checked at:

ACTEA’16 will be held in conjunction with the “3rd International Conference on Renewable Energy for Developing Countries, REDEC’16”.

Latest News:
- Jan. 15, 2016: The deadline to submit full papers has been extended to February 15, 2016.

- Feb.15, 2016: The reviewing process has been started and you should expect feedback about your paper(s) by the deadline of April 15, 2016 (Notification of Acceptance). At the same time, the edas portal will be kept open to align the deadlines with the joint event REDEC’16 and following requests from authors working to finalize their manuscripts.

- Apr.10, 2016: The reviewing process is under progress thanks to our reviewers (two reviewers per paper) and you should expect feedback very soon. You are invited to register for the conference, once acceptance is received, by filling out the registration form available under “Registration”. Your final manuscript including reviewers’ comments, in case there are any, should be uploaded by the deadline of June 03, 2016, using the Edas portal.

- May 15, 2016: All papers were reviewed by two reviewers at least and all authors were notified about the results. The registration is open at the regular rate until June 03, 2016, and you are all invited to register as soon as possible. The draft time table of the event is posted under Conference Program.

- June 27, 2016: The tentative program is available through edas and a pdf version is posted under "Conference Program". The online registration is still open and you need to register and attend the conference in order for your paper(s) to be uploaded on IEEE Xplore. Each registration will entitle you to presenting up to two papers.

July 30, 2016: It was nice meeting you all. We spent great times together and the entire team looks forward to seeing you again in a next edition of the event. Please check the post-conference folder for some pictures to remember your stay at NDU.