3D Scanning Workshop by PRO MECH during ACTEA 2009. For more details click here.

To view the Preliminary Conference Program go to http://edas.info/p7181

Presenter Guidelines:

  1. All conference rooms are equipped with LCD projectors, overhead projectors and Laptop computers
  2. Computers operate under Windows XP and use Windows Media Player for displaying videos
  3. Presenters need to install their presentations ahead of time on the computer, they can do so during the break between two sessions.
  4. Each paper is allocated 20 minutes. Presenters need to use 15 minutes for the presentation, the remaining 5 minutes should be left for questions from the audience.
  5. The number of slides should be planned in order to meet the time limit of the presentation
  6. Presenters should introduce themselves to the session chair before the start of the session
  7. Presenters should embed all fonts in the presentation