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LERC is building up a richly varied resource library which includes documents, archival material, books, articles, audio and video tapes, electronic material, photos, artefacts, and the like on Lebanese emigration.  These resources allow a multi-faceted approach to the field that is both broader and deeper than a conventional library.

Particularly important is our unparalleled collection of MA and PhD theses on subjects relevant to Lebanese emigration.  While these remain largely unpublished, they represent a wealth of high-quality research that LERC’s library now allows to contribute to future studies.  If you have a thesis related to this field, we look forward to hearing from you.

The resource library is openly available for reference by appointment contact us.

Most of the books in our collection are listed on the NDU Library, viewed using an “advanced search” of items held at LERC.  While our other holdings are not currently listed online, we welcome enquiries regarding our resources.