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The Lebanon Migration Nucleus Museum provides a window into the historical and contemporary experience of emigrants to very different parts of the globe. Photographs, artwork, documents, and a variety of cultural items lend color and personal detail to the stories of communities and families in the diaspora. Rare items are displayed from LERC Archives, samples from the Lebanese National Archives and the Patriarchal Archives. The museum gathers also private collections of:

Raed Charafeddine Collection on the Titanic.
This Collection includes: Copy of the Book: The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912. Newspapers, Post cards, Mugs, Boxes, Set of Cufflinks, Paperweight: 1912 – 2012 RMS Titanic, Boarding pass, Titanic Memorial Plaque,

Centro Argentino de Investigacion sobre la Inmigracion Libanesa (CAIIL) Prof. Walter Muller Moujir Collection This collection includes: Books, Magazines, Brochures, Cutrural materials, Posters and Sixty Five photos of Lebanese-Argentineans with Informations.

British Colombia Council of the WLCU Canada and Irish Lebanese Foundation Collection: the Collection contains Replica of the Titanic limited edition 80 of 250 with a Certificate of Authenticity and Titanic Plaque in Memory of the Lebanese who perished with the Titanic April 14th/15/th 1912

Ambassador Hicham Hamdan Collection includes Official Letters, Magazines as well as Photos of the Participation of the Lebanese Community in Cultural Events.

Association Les Amis du Portugal-Liban presented a Painting by Sami Hamawi to the Lebanese Emigration Research Center.

Maria Ester Jozami Collection. This Collection includes: Official Letters from Ambassador Hamdan, Books, Brochures, Videos and the painting "Familia" by Daniela Jozami.

Sociedad Libanesa de Rosario / Munir Nellmeldin Collection. This collection includes Photos, Brochures and Videos of the Performance of  Firfat Al Arz Lebanese Dabke Troop.

Ambassador Gilbert Aoun Collection: This collection includes official letters and correspondence, medals, interviews, videos, newspapers and magazines.

Amin Nehme Collection:
Photos, documents, official and personal letters of Lebanon’s Honorary Consul in Brazil, Albert Nehme, 1949-1953, donated to LERC by his son Amin Nehme.

Elie Nabhan Collection:
This collection presents pictures of Nigerian Lebanese dating back to before the Second World War; a small sample of coral beads that were used as currency, some Ivory, and traditional Nigerian clothing donated by Mrs. Janette Tabet.

Hector Romano Marun Collection

Olga Chams Eljach (Meira Del Mar) Collection
Leyla Saab Collection
Letters, photos, and magazines from Meira Delmar (Poet) and Hector Hernando Marun (Lawyer) children of Lebanese emigrants in Colombia, donated in cooperation with Leyla Saab and Ivonne Cury of Bogota.

Kozhaya Akiki Collection
: In memory of his beloved wife Nora Bernadette Btaich Marun, an emigrant of Lebanese descent, from Tupper Lake, New York. This collection includes a book of memories he put together in memory of his late wife, a copy of her Masters Degree in Education, a sample of her obituaries, original family photos, documents including birth certificates and passports, articles from newspapers detailing Akiki family accomplishments, and a copy of his French Teaching certificate.

LERC-Lebanese Emigration Research Center Collection:
This Collection contains diplomatic correspondences from the collection of the former Ambassador to Lebanon in Ghana, H.E. Khalil Itani, as well as photos, postcards and other private documents such as letters and identity cards of Lebanese Migrants in different countries of emigration, USA, Argentina, Belgium, Holland, Philippines, Ghana, Guinée, and Saudi Arabia.

Lody Brais Presidente Da Associacao Cultural Brasil-Libano Collection:
Photos, magazines, stamps, national lottery and posters donated by Lody Brais, President of the Brazilian-Lebanese Cultural Association.

Martha Diaz de Kuri Collection:
Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Mexico, and active member of the Centro Libanés in Mexico.

Mohsen Yammin Collection:
Photos of Lebanese migrants mainly from Ehden and Zgharta and copies of Ottoman era passports.

Roberto Khatlab Collection:
Photos, books, newspapers and documents donated by Roberto Khatlab, associate researcher at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro and the Center for Lebanese Studies (CEL).

Sheikh Melhem Ibrahim Talhouk and Najla Abdelmalak Talhouk Collection:
Over 50 Original photos of the late Melhem Talhouk, consul, diplomat in several countries and former ambassador to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in the 1960s. Photos portray important events and embassy activities in countries where the consul/ambassador served. Collection donated to LERC by his daughter, Mrs. Nadia Talhouk-Assaf and her brother Mr. Toufic Talhouk.

WLCU-World Lebanese Cultural Union-Secretariat General- Collection:
This Collection contains photos, magazines, DVD’s, brochures and cultural items relating to Lebanese emigrants in the world and particularly to Canada.