Can I submit an abstract now?

The call for abstracts is open from September 27th to November 12th. After this date it will not be possible to submit an abstract, nor to formally participate in the conference as an Author.


How do I submit an abstract?

The submission of abstracts will take place on a specialized online platform. In this way, it is possible for the organization to ensure the impartiality of all submitted papers, as well as impartiality in their review by the scientific committee.

When you click on Abstract Submission, you should carefully read the instructions provided there. You will then be taken to the submission menu. You should then fill in all the data in order to identify the author. At the end of the form, you will be asked for a password. Note that the password you enter must be written down, as there is no way for the organization to know which password you have chosen. At the end, when you click submit, the system will generate an ID for your paper, and an email should be sent to your email address. The ID pair and password should be noted, as they are what will allow the author to access the submission platform in the future. If you forgot your password, there is a link for the author to request a new one, when trying to access the system.


Can I send my abstract via email?

Sending works by e-mail invalidates their anonymity. Only works delivered through the designated platform will be accepted.


My abstract has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

From the moment your abstract is accepted for the conference, the author is formally invited to submit to the conference the full paper that includes the full extent of your work. Only after acceptance of the full paper by fulfilling any comments that the scientific committee may have suggested, is it possible to complete the conference registration and payment of its corresponding fee.


How many authors can I include in my submission?

It is not possible to submit to the conference an abstract, and subsequently a full paper, with more than three (3) authors.


How many abstracts can I submit?

It is not possible to submit more than one abstract, or a full paper, as main author. However, it is possible to participate in a second abstract as non-main author. As a result, the same author can only appear in two papers, in accordance with the rules described above.


When will I receive a response?

The communication of the results of the various phases is available on the event's website. The organizing committee is committed to not exceeding these deadlines. However, if, for reasons beyond the organization's control, these deadlines are exceeded, we will communicate new dates in advance.


My Abstract has been accepted, but I did not receive the Acceptance letter. What do I do?

All communications between the organization and the authors will be automatically processed by the system. An e-mail will be sent to communicate the acceptance, or not, of the paper, as well as the reasons, if any, of the scientific committee to justify this decision. If, after the date communicated by the organization, you have not received any e-mail, please check the SPAM box in your e-mail. If the problem persists, please contact us. We also remind you that the e-mail at the time of registration is the e-mail used in communication between the conference and the author.


What’s the cancellation policy?

The author is free to withdraw their abstract/paper to the event at any time, until the registration fee is paid. After this step, it is not possible to reverse the process, and authors commit to submit the final paper, or forfeit the registration fee.


By mistake I have wrongly submitted an incorrect final paper file, how can I change?

Until the day submissions close, authors can make changes to submitted files. This can only be done with their ID and password. After this period, it will not be possible to make any changes, and the elements submitted will be the responsibility of the authors and it will be through them that the scientific committee will decide on the result.


I did not correctly submit my work on time, how should I proceed?

To ensure correct parity among all participants, after the submission deadline there is no possibility of correcting the submitted material. The scientific committee will only evaluate papers within the available deadline for submissions.


How do I register as a guest?

Audience registration for the event will be made available closer to the event date.


Are discounts available?

There are two types of discounts available. The first is the early bird access, in which authors are invited to submit their abstracts by the date announced for this purpose, at a reduced price. The second is the student status, which should be signaled when submitting the abstract and later confirmed by presenting a document certifying this status.


Where can I find the latest conference program?

All elements related to the conference, program, dates and events to be held within its scope will be available on the event's website. The versions available there will always be the most current, as well as the only one that can be considered official.


As a member of the scientific committee is it possible to submit an abstract?

All Authors are welcome to submit an abstract. Submissions will be treated equally, without distinction, reviewed on the same terms by the scientific committee and subject to payment of the same entry fee. This applies to any Author, regardless of the degree of involvement, or not, in this conference.


Will the conference be attended in person?

All the efforts of the organizers and the institutions involved are being made in this direction. However, if the development of pandemic conditions progresses in a way that makes it impossible to hold the conference in person, the conference will continue online, within the limitations to which we may be legally restricted.



Seminars, Tours and Events


Do I have to register for sessions or the keynotes?

Registration in the conference allows open access to all keynotes and presentation sessions. There is no need for individual reservations.


Are there any planned optional events and tours? How do I register for optional events?

Registration will be required for optional events not included in the conference fee, namely the CS5 Conference Dinner and the Post Conference Tour. More information regarding registration and payment of these events will be provided closer to the date of the Conference.


Is free Wi-Fi available on-location?

Free Wi-Fi is available and information for access will be provided at the welcome desk.





Is the City Street5 Conference and Exhibition Center wheelchair accessible?

City Street5 Conference and Exhibition venue has universal accessibility. The organization of the conference cannot guarantee that the Walking Workshops and/or Optional Events will have wheelchair accessibility.


Where is the City Street5 Exhibition Center located?

Information regarding the Conference venue will be provided soon.


I’ve allowed myself some free time, what else can I do in Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the most acclaimed city breaks in Europe. Please visit the Lisbon Tourism official website at https://www.visitlisboa.com/en/p/why-lisbon