Our Mission

The mission of CDP is to electronically preserve documents of special collections, especially Christian ones. The means of this preservation is the digitization of manuscripts and old documents (such as correspondences, rare books, old and rare images and every other valuable old document), through high-quality photography.

Our Role

The role of the Center for Digitization and Preservation is to furnish primary material to stimulate research. Special collections, such as manuscripts, rare books and old documents, when digitized, become an important tool not only for scholars and research teams, but also for teachers in their academic mission.

Our Identity

The  Maronite  Mariamite education ideals and principles  that have modeled the lebanese and middle eastern education and social systems for over three centuries  are the soul of our  identity. faithful to this venerable tradition, CDP seeks, through preserving manuscripts, to be a source of information and knowledge for scholars, from all religious denominations, in order to serve the evolution of NDU into a global research University.


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