AIChE Volunteer and Meeting Attendee Conduct Guidelines

AIChE Volunteer and Meeting Attendee Conduct Guidelines

AIChE relies on its volunteers to drive its programs, conferences, and educational initiatives, offering valuable opportunities for members and meeting attendees to expand their technical knowledge, forge connections, and advance their careers. Through AIChE events, engineers, scientists, and students can showcase, discuss, publish, and exhibit their innovations and technical breakthroughs.

It is essential for volunteers and meeting attendees to uphold AIChE’s Code of Ethics, ensuring the integrity, honor, and dignity of the chemical engineering profession. To cultivate an environment of trust, respect, open communication, and ethical conduct, AIChE’s Board of Directors has established these guidelines, applicable to all events organized by AIChE or its entities, as well as to volunteers conducting business on behalf of AIChE.


Support of AIChE’s Code of Ethics: Volunteers and meeting attendees must align with and endorse AIChE’s Code of Ethics.

Promotion of a Positive Environment: Foster a collegial, inclusive, positive, and respectful atmosphere for fellow volunteers, attendees, and AIChE staff.

Avoidance of Discriminatory Behavior: Refrain from making discriminatory remarks or engaging in discriminatory actions based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, presence of disabilities, or educational background. Consistently show respect for colleagues, irrespective of discipline, employment status, or organizational affiliation.

Rejection of Disruptive Behavior: Disruptive, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate behavior toward volunteers, members, stakeholders, or AIChE staff is unacceptable.

Adherence to Legal Requirements: Comply with all applicable laws and regulations set forth by relevant governmental authorities while participating in AIChE events. Additionally, volunteers and meeting attendees involved in any AIChE event, including the Chem-E-Car Competition, must adhere to all relevant safety guidelines.

Instances of misconduct should be promptly reported to the AIChE President or Executive Director.

Read AIChE's Code of Ethics here.