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President of the Lebanese International Businessmen Associations' Network (L.I.BA.N) visits LERC.

8 August 2008
Reported by Basma Abdul Khalek (LERC Research Assistant)

The Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) of Notre Dame University (NDU) welcomed the Founder President of L.I.B.A.N Me. Mr. Robert Jreissati at its new offices on the 8th August 2008.

In presence of LERC Program Developer Mr. Amin Nehme, an information meeting was held with LERC Director Ms. Guita Hourani, who listened to Mr. Jreissati’s presentation about the mission and objectives of the organization he heads.

L.I.B.A.N offers facilities for Lebanese businessmen established in Lebanon or abroad in order to encourage investments in Lebanon. L.I.B.A.N plays also a dynamic role towards a real interaction between these businessmen, helping them to identify suitable counterparts ready to enter a business or to submit projects for investment in Lebanon’s private and public domains. Mr. Jreissati said that part of the tactics to achieve the organization’s objectives is the establishment of committees abroad and the interaction with other organizations worldwide.

Mr. Jreissati at the Lebanese Migration University Mueum at NDU (August 2008)

In her turn, Ms. Hourani briefed Mr. Jreissati on the objectives, achievements, capabilities and future projects of LERC. LERC staff then introduced Ms. Jreissati to the Lebanese Emigration Archive and Database (LEAD), resource library and archives. Following his visit to the Lebanese Migration University Museum at NDU, Mr. Jreissati expressed his interest in the Center’s inter-disciplinary way of approaching the subject of Lebanese emigration and asserted the need for both LIBAN and LERC to collaborate.