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Historian Regina Dantas of the Museum of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Visits LERC

28 July 2008

Mr. Roberto Khatlab, Latin American Liaison Officer of LERC, accompanied Historian Regina Maria Macedo Costa Dantas of the museum of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) on her visit to LERC. Ms. Dantas has done research on the Lebanese immigrants in Rio de Janeiro as a staff member of the UFRJ museum.

LERC Director Guita Hourani met with Ms. Dantas and Mr. Khatlab and discussed ways of cooperation between Ms. Dantas, UFRJ and LERC. The meeting resulted in an understanding by which Ms. Dantas agreed to assist LERC in collecting material on the Lebanese migration in Brazil for the Lebanese Migration University Museum at NDU and in exchange LERC agreed to share some of its electronic/digitized material on Lebanese migration to Brazil.


From left to right: Historian Regina Dantas with LERC Director Guita Hourani and LERC Latin American Liaison Officer Roberto Khatlab (July 2008)