Notre Dame University



Visit of H.E. Dr. Kyriacos Kouros, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Cyprus in Lebanon.

Wednesday 24th September 2008
Reported by Basma Abdul Khalek, LERC Research Assistant

At his request, His Excellency the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Cyprus Dr. Kyriacos Kouros visited the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) at Notre Dame University, Louaizé on September 24, 2008. His Excellency met with LERC Director Ms. Guita Hourani, LERC staff Ms. Ghada Khoury and Mrs. Liliane Haddad, LERC team member, Mr. Elie Nabhan, LERC Adjunct Research Associate Dr. Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, Research Associate Dr. Salwa Karam, Consultant Mr. Rudy Kazan, Senior Research Assistant Mr. Rudy Sassine, and Research Assistant Ms. Basma Abdul Khalek.

The meeting started with a discussion on the current political situation in Lebanon and Cyprus, as it pertains to international affairs and migration. The conversation also focused on the on-going negotiations aimed at resolving the Cypriot conflict. Attention was also drawn on the situation of the Lebanese community in Cyprus in general and the Maronite Cypriot community in particular, whose villages in Cyprus are located in the occupied northern zone of the country.

Ms. Hourani showing Dr. Kouros LERC’s collection on Cyprus (September 2008).

In his desire to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between Cyprus and Lebanon, Dr. Kouros was particularly interested in LERC’s activities, especially the attempts that focus on the question of Lebanese migration when related to the issue of identity and citizenship. In this sense, Ms. Hourani herself explained in detail all the projects that LERC is carrying out to enlighten both public opinion and the decision-makers in Lebanon when it comes to the controversial issue of migration and the question of citizenship and political rights.

Following the discussions, Dr. Kouros was then taken on a tour of the LERC library and archives, and was introduced to the Lebanese Emigration Archive and Database (LEAD), which is involved in the process of indexing original documents and building up the electronic archive of the Center.

Standing, Mr. Rudy Kazan explaining the main aspects of LEAD to Dr. Kouros (sitting in the middle) and LERC indexers, Ms. Liliane Haddad and Mr. Elie Nabhan. (September 2008).

The visit concluded with a tour of the Lebanese Migration University Museum at NDU to examine the collections that have been being built up from the generous contributions of Lebanese migrants, returnees, families, diasporic organizations and consular units.

At the museum, in front of one of LERC’s special collections. (September 2008).

In a final word, Dr. Kouros stated his interest in working with LERC and NDU to reinforce the link between Lebanon and Cyprus.

A photo in LERC museum, from left to right: Mr. Nabhan, Ms. Haddad, Mr. Kazan, Dr. Karam, Ms. Marta Tajra (Brazilian Journalist), H.E. Dr. Kouros, Ms. Hourani, and Mr. Khatlab (September 2008).