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Officials from Almughtareb Magazine Visit LERC to Strengthen Cooperation

Thursday 7th May 2009, LERC, NDU
Reported by Elie Nabhan

Almughtareb Magazine, one of Lebanon’s premium bimonthly publications, which concerns itself with the issues related to Lebanese emigrants, scheduled a visit to the Lebanese Emigration Research Center in order to reinforce an already cordial relationship.

Both LERC and Almughtareb share common interests and often overlapping concerns, which were discussed in a meeting held between Ms. Guita Hourani, the Director of LERC, Mr. Zouheir Ali Debs, Almughtareb’s Editorial Manager and Almughtareb’s reporter, the enthusiastic Ms. Nisrine Khadra.

Since most of Almughtareb’s coverage complements the work of LERC, the main aim of the visit, apart from strengthening and improving the relationship, was to discuss how, when and in what conditions future cooperation may take place.

Both Mr. Debs and Ms. Khadra were taken around the LERC’s premises and introduced to LERC’s electronic Archives and Database by Mrs. Liliane Haddad. Here they were shown a wide variety of migration related material that would enrich and expand their knowledge on the subject.

This was followed by a guided tour of the Lebanon and Migration Museum at NDU with Ms. Basma Abdel Khalek.

Almughtareb is an Arabic language publication, under the General Directorship of Mr. Issam Omeirat, and can be viewed at


Almughtareb’s Editorial manager Mr.Zouheir Debs (right), and Ms. Nisrine Khadra (center) being shown a migrant’s collection at the Museum by Ms. Basma Abdel Khalek ( May 2009).