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Roberto Khatlab, BA

Holder of BA’s in Philosophy and in Oriental Theology, History and Archeology of Religions, a former researcher at the Brussels Centre de Développement et Coopération avec les Pays du Proche-Orient et Asie, an Associate Researcher of Lebanese Nucleus of Studies, Universidade Santa Maria, Associate Researcher of the National Museu Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (MN-UFRJ), Director of the Center of Studies and Cultures of Latin America (CECAL) in the Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon, and a counselor or researcher in a number of Arab or Lebanese-Brazilian scholarly bodies, Mr. Khatlab has numerous publications to his credit and in 2000 won the Saïd Akl Prize. He is authoring a series of articles on the Lebanese-Brazilian emigrants and returnees in the Lebanese French daily Orient-le Jour. He is currently researching the socio-cultural life of returnees from Brazil to Lebanon. Khatlab is a Research Fellow at LERC and also LERC’s Latin-American liaison officer. In this capacity he was the recipient of the first LERC Acknowledgement Award in 2005 granted by the Center in recognition of all his efforts.