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Pamela Chemali, BA

Pamela Chemali is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Public Administration at Notre Dame University, Louaize after graduating with highest distinction from the Faculty of Political Science, Public Administration and Diplomacy with a Bachelors Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy. She had pursued her primary, elementary and high school education in the College de la Sainte Famille Française, Jounieh. While pursuing her BA in 2006, Pamela was successfully shortlisted to participate in the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Youth Leadership Institute and was hosted with a group of 21 Arab students for 6 weeks in Dickinson College, Pennsylvania. This was her opportunity to gain knowledge about American history, cultural and social values, the founding principles of American democracy and leadership, and key issues of Human Rights, with women’s empowerment in particular, as well as conflict resolution and community service. Her active involvement in the overall curriculum encouraged the hosting institute to recruit her as a program facilitator for the 2007 cohort. After her graduation in 2008, Pamela assumed the position of Program Manager of Teach For Lebanon, an NGO aiming to eliminate education inequality while fostering youth empowerment and promoting civic engagement. She helped to start up the organization by conducting key managerial functions internally and outreach and fundraising activities with external stakeholders. She currently works in the South, as the National Program Officer of the United Nations Mine Action Coordination Centre. This has given her the opportunity to discover the South of the country and appreciate the important need to enhance equal development projects across the territory. Pamela is soon to graduate from the Lebanese High National Conservatoire de Musique with a piano diploma. She is still linked to NDU, where she used to be actively involved in youth related activities and in campus projects and had the opportunity to lead various pilot projects within her faculty and additional research as part of the LERC team. However, her main interest in life remains in public affairs, which has motivated her to pursue her advanced academic knowledge in the field. Pamela enjoys good books, good music and is keen to gain knowledge through research and working in multi-cultural environments.