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Dr. Nelia Hyndman-Rizk, PhD

Dr. Nelia Hyndman-Rizk has a PhD in Anthropology from the Australian National University (ANU). Her thesis is titled “At My Mother’s Table: Migration, (Re) production and Return between Hadchit, North Lebanon and Sydney”. She is a trained Anthropologist and her current research is inter-disciplinary and focuses on migration studies (economic and social dimensions), globalisation, New Media and social change in the Middle East.  Her specific focus is the relationship between Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora and the role of transforming gender-relations in post-conflict societies, as part of the Fragile States Research Program in the School of Business at UNSW, Canberra, Australia.
Dr. Hyndman-Rizk is also interested in gender issues and comparing homeland and diaspora gender roles and social change and particularly interested in the contemporary women’s movement in Lebanon and the campaign for Lebanese women to be able to pass on their citizenship to their children. She published a paper, Balad Niswen, Hukum Niswen: The Perception of Gender Inversions between Lebanon and Australia’ in LERC’s special edition of Palma in 2009 on this topic.