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Eliane N. Fersan, MA

Holder of a Masters degree in history (focus on Migration), Eliane Fersan also holds a BA in history and a BA in archeology. In addition to her teaching experience both in high school and university, she has over ten years of experience in NGO development, and project and event management as she held several executive positions with regional and international NGOs and companies and the United Nations’ agency; UNFPA.

Ms. Fersan is also a researcher in the fields of history, migration, democracy and identity. She explored Lebanese migration to Brazil, the United States and recently Cyprus through the archives of the French Foreign Services. Ms. Fersan has in-depth-knowledge of the E-Levant French MFA series which she researched and indexed. She has also extended knowledge in researching the Maronite Patriarchal Archives of Bkerke, the French Mandate reports to the League of Nations and Diaspora Lebanese newspaper Al-Hoda. She lectured and directed workshops at the Middle East Studies Association in Boston, USA, American University of Science and Technology, and Notre Dame University, both in Lebanon, and at the Youth and Culture Center. Author of several articles and publications, she is the foreign section editor-in-chief of Anwale Magazine. She masters English, French and Arabic with a working knowledge in Spanish.

She is currently directing the Youth and Culture Center of Zouk Mikaël, a governmental institution that promotes empowerment of women and young people. Ms. Fersan is also a Program Manager at the US Embassy of Beirut and Research Advisor at Carthage Research and Development Center.

Knowledgeable in the fields of protocol and diplomacy, Ms. Fersan prepared advocacy campaigns for participatory democracy prototype in the Middle East and is now helping several local authorities develop this experience. Active with numerous civil society associations, Eliane is President of Lebanon Development Union, Board member of Carthage Research and Development Center, member of the HR and PR committees of the Lebanese Volunteers Association, Board member of the Syria League Cultural Center and member of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections.