Dear agents of change,

I would like to welcome you to the second edition of the Notre Dame University - Louaize Model United Nations (NDU MUN) conference, which will be held on April 21-22 2018.

With the youth making up 52% of the Lebanese population, and with similar numbers in different countries all over the world, it is considered crucial that the youth of today develop the skills necessary to tackle real-life critical scenarios. In this digital era with the world on the fast track of advancement, substantial and critical issues often arise. We believe in empowering the youth of today through providing a platform that allows them to voice their concerns and acquire skills like critical analysis, problem solving, research and debating.

At NDU MUN, we constantly strive to ensure all delegates leave the program as globally aware, collaborative analysts who we believe have the capacity to make a change, through sharing the culture of diversity, inclusion, progression and diplomacy.

Our theme for this year is Technology and The Future of Sustainable Development. With the United Nations working towards the 2030 Agenda through the 17 Global Goals, coupled with the fact that our world is becoming increasingly dependent on and affected by technological advancements today, we believe it is crucial that the leaders of tomorrow get the chance to explore and tackle the issues of today with regards to these goals.

I am truly honored to serve as the Secretary General for the second session of NDU MUN, and, on behalf of the NDU MUN team, we look forward to meeting you in the final conference. Feel free to browse the website to know more about what we do, and please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Let's transform our world, together.


Maryam Nsaif

Secretary General, NDU MUN