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Dr. Youssef Taouk, PhD. LERC Research Affiliate

Dr. Youssef Taouk is currently working as a full-time researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement at the Australian Catholic University, in Sydney, Australia. Youssef completed his PhD in modern European history at the University of Western Sydney in 2004. His thesis was entitled “The Roman Catholic Church in Britain during the First World War: A Study in Political Leadership”. He has published numerous conference papers and journal articles in community engagement and in history. His publications include articles in the Journal of Church and State and in Recusant History. Youssef is also a member of the Australian Lebanese Historical Society and has given a number of talks about the history of Lebanese migration to Australia. He recently published an article in the Society’s 10th anniversary journal. The article was titled “A History of Lebanese Village Associations in Australia: A Case Study of the Becharre Association”. He is presently carrying out research on Rashid Arida, a Lebanese migrant to Australia who became a prominent businessman and philanthropist.