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Walter Amilcar Muller (Moujir), Ph.D

Walter Amilcar Muller (Moujir), a professor of history, is an Argentinean of Lebanese descent. His paternal grandfather (Ahmad Diab Moujan 1898-1973) immigrated to Argentina in 1913, from the village of Deir Antar, near the city of Tyre. In 2004, the same year he joined the Lebanese Society of Rosario where he has been coordinating the cultural activities, especially the celebrations of World Day of the Lebanese Emigrant. As an author, he has written and published in Spanish various articles discussing the Lebanese immigration including "Rediscover my Lebanese grandfather,” in December 2004; "Process of independence of Lebanon" (2004); "The profile of a Lebanese Immigrant" (2006); and "Immigrants from Lebanon: a particular stamp" (2006). As part of the “Journey to Lebanon” of the Lebanese Society of Rosario, Professor Muller visited Lebanon in June 2009 where he conducted meetings with the Ministry of Culture and LERC among others. In 2010 Professor Muller founded the Argentine Center for Research on Lebanese Immigration (CAIIL), along with other professionals in the Lebanese community. The Center’s primary mission is to investigate and understand the immigration process concerning the Lebanese immigrants and their impact on Argentinean society. It also collects materials and historical documents on the Lebanese diaspora in Argentina.