Notre Dame University



Ms. Wafaa El-Osta, BA

Originally from Beirut, Ms. El-Osta completed her B.A. from the Lebanese American University in 1993 and undertook training for non-governmental organizations where she was a team leader in a national survey in rural areas to assess potentials for economic developments.  This experience led her on her future career path that would involve working towards changing disparities in the Lebanese society.
Ms. El-Osta founded a local NGO ARCHITREE (design for development) to support small entrepreneurs. In 2003, she began working with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) on marketing agribusiness and tourism expansion into marginalized rural areas. She later worked with international organizations such as American Near East Refugee Association (ANERA), Agricultural Cooperative Development International and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (ACDIVOCA), and the World Bank.
In addition, she founded Beyond Beirut NGO with local leaders, and Authentic Lebanon, which is a promotional concept supporting domestic tourism in partnership with Hospitality services led by ARCHITREE.
Ms. El-Osta is now living in Toronto Canada and will be working with LERC as its Liaison Officer in Canada, to identify and facilitate opportunities for the Lebanese Diaspora in Canada to share their knowledge and expertise through LERC and develop constructive exchange channels with Lebanon.