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  • For the last six years NDU faculty members were recipients of the Fulbright Scholarship, without interruption, and in different areas of knowledge and specialties.
  • Faculty members publishing articles in refereed journals, and participating in international conferences, have increased significantly (almost doubled) in the last five years.
  • International visiting professors and scholars have moved from none existing to almost 25% of the research activities in the last three years.


  • Since the academic year 2002 NDU students are recipients of the Fulbright Scholarship, without interruption, and in different areas of knowledge and majors.
  • As of June 2000 excelling NDU graduates were able to get accepted at Harvard, Cornell, and 32 other universities around the world, to pursue their graduate studies earning an MA, MS, MBA, or a Ph.D. degree, from those leading institutions of higher education.
  • NDU student enrollment has moved from 50 to 5000 in the last 20 years, an outstanding and exceptional growth exceeding all expectations.


  • The Faculty (School) of Natural and Applied Sciences has established the first degree programs in Actuarial Science, and Medical Lab Technology, in Lebanon.
  • The Faculty (School) of Political Science, Public Administration and Diplomacy, has established the first degree programs in Diplomacy, International Law, and Corporate Law, in the country.
  • The wind tunnel housed in the Engineering laboratory is the largest and most sophisticated tunnel in Lebanon. It is known for advanced pioneering techniques in the Middle East.


  • In 2003 NDU established The Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC), the first of its kind world wide. The Center was able to commission research projects on issues of emigration with the European Union attracting scholars from Australia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Russia, the United States of America, and other countries.
  • The Water, Energy, and Environmental Research Center (WEERC), established in 2003 at NDU, is conducting a rigorous training program in water management and environmental studies sponsored collectively by UNESCO, FAO, UNDP, and other United Nations agencies. Scholars from leading universities worldwide such as MIT and Sorbonne, participate in the Center’s endeavors.
  • The Lebanese Center for Societal Research (LCSR) attracts European and Middle Eastern scholars on issues like ethics and society, citizenship between identity and globalization, democracy and decentralization, as part of its regular studies and research activities.


  • The Center for Digitization and Preservation (CDP), established at NDU in 2002, has been an instrumental division of the University to initiate the project of putting historic manuscripts on electronic records/DVDs. Over 2200 manuscripts, so far, became a part of the university archives collected from monasteries of Lebanon and Italy, some of which goes back to the 12th century. CDP is well known today in the country as the leading center for preserving the Christian heritage in Lebanon and the Middle East
  • The NDU Choir and Orchestra became lately very well known in the country with an international reputation for excellent performances, in Lebanon, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States of America. Its repertoire includes Eastern Church songs, classical music, and Lebanese folklore music and songs.
  • NDU Press launched a pioneering encyclopedia entitled The Virgin Mary in Lebanon surveying all shrines and churches in the country baring the name of Mary. Six volumes of this encyclopedia has been published. Another series entitled Lebanon by Lebanese Authors is launched selecting major literary works about Lebanon and translating them into English for the first time. Five volumes have been published in this series so far. Both publishing projects are pioneering spiritual and intellectual projects in Lebanon.
  • On-line inter-conference classes are being organized between NDU and several Universities in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, where direct discussions, related to classroom topics, are taking place between NDU students and professors together with their international colleagues in these countries.
  • The use of Blackboard, among students and faculty members, is an information technology activity that has been applied increasingly and regularly, for the past three years, in different areas of learning in the classroom, and at different levels of undergraduate and graduate education.
  • NDU Alumni have experienced success, respect, appreciation, and advancement in their careers specifically in the fields of Business, Computer Science, Diplomacy, Graphic Design, and Actuarial Science. This successful experience has been demonstrated at home in Lebanon, and in other countries in the Middle East and Europe such as The Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. The Ambassador of Australia in Lebanon said in May 2006: “when I look for efficiency, commitment and effectiveness, I look for NDU graduates.”


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