Yasmina Audi

"NDU faculty members and the different courses laid down the strong foundations to my career. I can proudly say that NDU has impacted my confidence in the real world since graduation."


Yasmina Audi, a Marketeer with over 15 years’ experience of managing major brands in the market, founded the Super Mama Lebanon blog (2014) and online community when she chose to follow and pursue her dream of working towards women’s empowerment in her community.

“Super Mama Lebanon” now “Super Mama Arabia” (2019) is a community that connects, educates and supports women of all ages and backgrounds, and inspires them to give back to their communities through mentorship, networking and volunteerism. With over 15,000+ followers, Super Mama Arabia is the largest online community created to EMPOWER, INSPIRE AND CELEBERATE women.

A serial entrepreneur, Yasmina continues to thrive in the marketing consultancy and business field.

In 2014, Yasmina created the “ELLE FIESTA” event –the first annual event aimed to empower and educate women. Elle Fiesta has become the largest and one of the most popular Empowerment event for Women in Lebanon. Another of her businesses is a learning center, The Sparks Factory, that was also opened in 2017 and continues to offer educational workshops and events for all ages across the country.