Meet The Alumni

Maryana Hindaily

Maryana Hindaily| BA’16

Maryana always considered NDU her second home. The experience and the exposure to different teaching styles at NDU has given her a different perspective about life, helped her shape her future, and...

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Mira AbouJaoude

Mira AbouJaoude| BA’13

In 2010 I joined NDU to pursue my bachelor degree in Advertising and Marketing. My experience at NDU was, and still is till today, an added value to my life on a personal and educational level.

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Marwan Moukarzel

Marwan Moukarzel| BBA'96

"NDU has a special place in my heart. It taught me about dreaming big and fighting to be the best you can. Back in the days, in 1993, NDU was relatively a newly established university, more of a big...

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Marc Reaidy

Marc Reaidy| BBA'00 MBA'09

Marc Reaidy studied classical singing at Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine, with Russian Professor Galina Khaldeeva. Currently, he is working with Professor Arax Chekidjian. He attended many vocal...

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Gilbert Doumit

Gilbert Doumit| BA'98

Gilbert is a founding and Managing Partner of Beyond Group, a mission-driven consulting firm operating internationally through its three practices: Organizational Learning and Development, Policy and...

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Carina Khoury Ghossoub

Carina Khoury Ghossoub| BS'13

"NDU is the foundation of my career and was my second home for 4 years. It’s where everything started. NDU was the place where my love and passion for Nutrition was nurtured. It was the stepping...

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Maya Khalifeh

Maya Khalifeh| BBA'04

"I had the best time at NDU between enjoying the high quality of education at this prestigious university, the social life and building long-lasting friendships and acting socially responsible for...

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Walid Abou Assaly

Walid Abou Assaly| BS'95

"My years at NDU developed my analytical thinking with the support and the perseverance of my professors who always tried to get the best out of us."

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Marie Jose Abed

Marie Jose Abed| BBA'00

Marie Jose is a result-oriented marketing communications leader with proven success in building customer-centric brand affinity, setting new standards for innovative experiences.

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Harb Bou Harb

Harb Bou Harb | BS'92

Harb currently Leads Microsoft Education Business for the Middle East& Africa. Based in the United Arab Emirates, he works closely with various countries to ensure successful adoption of 21st Century...

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Yasmina Audi

Yasmina Audi| BA'02

"NDU faculty members and the different courses laid down the strong foundations to my career. I can proudly say that NDU has impacted my confidence in the real world since graduation."

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Bachir Rajji

Bachir Rajji| BE'01 MBA'06

"NDU is for me an educational landmark epoch in my life. It continuously gave me faith for a brighter future through the influence of its academic curricula, cultural values and spiritual g...

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Bassem El Ghaoui

Bassem El Ghaoui| BBA’99

"Perseverance and modesty are two great values I learned from being a NDUer. These helped me through the course of my life to always thrive to give my best at work and with my family."

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Rabih Slim

Rabih Slim| BS'00

"Being at NDU was quite a journey! Moving from north campus in Barsa, to the old campus and then the new campus in Zouk, I can say that I lived fully the evolution of NDU. Academically, being part of...

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Samer Sfeir

Samer Sfeir | BE’08

A social entrepreneur with an engineering background MBA holder, co-founder of “shareQ NGO,” and founder of the social enterprise ProAbled – which employs persons with disabilities in private and...

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Georges Wakim

Georges Wakim| BS'03, MS'06

With more than 13 years of experience in the field, Georges Wakim works as the IT Manager at Byblos Bank with the responsibility of auditing its IT environment, information systems and security...

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Elias Hanna

Elias Hanna| BS, MA

Elias Hanna holds an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy and a BS in Actuarial Science and Insurance from Notre dame University-Louaize (NDU), and has been working in insurance since 1990.

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Wilson Milad Issa

Wilson Milad Issa| BA'99

Issa first began working for the group in 2003, serving as a media executive, and gradually climbed up the leadership ladder to be named EVP in 2016.

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