Lama Mghames

Lama Mghames graduated in Environmental Science from Notre Dame University-Louaize, and in Environmental Sciences with Management and Legislation from Uxbridge University - London.

Mghames, an Environmental Professional Certified Member by the Canadian Environmental Board (CECAB), is a Project Management Professional (PMP), very active in the project management community.

She has been successfully running her career, since more than 15 years, as a Project Manager for environmental projects with international organizations (UNDP, UNEP and World Bank), as well as with the Lebanese Ministry of Environment.  

Since 2015, Lama is managing a conjoint project “PCBs Management in the Power Sector in Lebanon” along the Lebanese Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Water and Electricité du Liban (EDL). She is in charge of the sound environmental management of hazardous waste and chemicals.

Mghames has an extensive practice in compiling, reviewing, analyzing, drafting and assessing national and international environmental legislation, policies and incentives. She is currently assigned by the Ministry of Environment to lead and assist in the development of relevant guidelines and policies related to the oil and gas sector.