Antoine Cid

Antoine Cid, aka Tony, as fondly called by his colleagues and acquaintances graduated from NDU in 1995 with a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. With an impressive educational background, he has also earned the following degrees: Lebanese Law from Lebanese university (1997), MBA from Swiss Business School, Switzerland (2016), and a DBA from Swiss Business School (2017).

Given his strong support for human rights and his belief in the philosophy that one man can make a difference, he uses his position as a highly successful attorney (operating from Dubai, UAE, but with an office along the Kaslik main road in Val de Zouk Center) to fight for justice, because  when the rights of one are in jeopardy, the rights of all are in jeopardy. He uses his knowledge and wealth of experience to support several social causes and social associations, including the North Lebanon Bar Association, Tripoli, which he was sworn into in 1998.

He says, “I owe my phenomenal success to the value of lifelong learning instilled in me by NDU. The University’s unique academic environment offered me an expansive outlook of the world and it affected my life for the better. I was always interested in exploring the road less traveled and in discovering the endless possibilities of such a route. Forming a Marketing Club whilst still at NDU probably my first initative.”

He enjoys an active social life between Dubai (where he currently lives) and Lebanon, is a partner onboard several ventures. In his spare time, he reads motivational novels, law-related books, commerce/business, travels widely, and swims for sport.

He is a member of various associations, such as Promotion Summer Association Hasroun (since 1987); Rotaract Club Tripoli (1991-1996); Rotaract Tripoli (president 1994-1996); Board North Lebanon Alumni (since 1993); Lions Club Tripoli (since 2001); Hasroun Municipality (1998-2004); Lebanese Business Council (since 2006), NDU Alumni Committee UAE- Chapter (since 2014); NDU Alumni Lebanon Steering Committee (January 2016 to date); and League Maronite – Lebanon (since February 2015).

Speaking further about NDU, he adds, “My time at the University was highly motivated by the kindness and apt professionalism of the NDU administration and faculty members who not only educated me in civics but also helped me understand the value of certain attributes of social life. “Rather than using a Socratic approach wherein you have to find everything by yourself, my professors assisted me with open arms and above all, with open minds,” he says.

His advice to students at NDU is to learn as much as they can from the gifted souls charged with upholding the University mission and values. He urges students to explore all possibilities without fear of failure, because they are in one of Lebanon’s finest institutions of higher education.