David Habchy is a Beirut-based visual artist working with the mediums of animation, illustration and printmaking. After completing his studies in computer graphics and animation in 2003, Habchy has been teaching illustration, design and animation courses at Notre Dame University, ALBA and Universite Saint Joseph. Habchy participated in book fairs, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and residencies in Beirut, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Iran, Armenia, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany. In 2012, Habchy co-founded Waraq association, a cultural and artistic association that supports, promotes and connects artists and professionals working in illustration, animation and the art of craftsmanship in the Arab region. In 2015, Habchy co-founded Studio Kawakeb, a visual arts studio based in Beirut, Lebanon specialized in illustration, animation and graphic design with the aim of pushing creative boundaries to contribute to a local and regional visual exploration. Habchy is also a committee member of Beirut Animated, an animation film festival organized once every two years that aims to promote animation in Lebanon and in the Arab region.