Born on November 5, 1974, Georges Khabbaz studied musical science and theater at the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, then specialized into Musical Theater. Even though acting began like a hobby, now George teaches theater at St. Joseph University and Script Writing at Notre Dame University-Louaize. His TV series and Short Film: Abdo & Abdo (2003-2004), Se3a Bel Ize3a (2005), Fadi w Radi (2006) and Marwan (Short Film 2013). He also contributed in the following plays: Nazl el Sourour (1991), Bel Nesbi la Bokra Chou? (1993), Ghadat El Camelia (1996), Hamlet Fi Warta (1997) and To2 Rire (1998). George wrote and Directed the following theatrical plays: Msibe Jdideh (2005), Kezzeb Kbir (2006), Hala’ Wa’ta (2007), Chou El Adieh? (2008), Aal Tari’ (2009), Professeur (2010), Matloub (2011), El Awwal Bel Saf (2012), Mech Mekhtelfin (2013), Natrino (2014), Rafca (2014), Wara El Beb (2015), Maa Elwa2et Yemkin (2016), and Bel Kawalis (2017) His Leading Cinema Movies include: Under The Bombs (2007), Silina (2009) and Ghadi (2013). His Own Written Cinema Movies include: Ghadi (2013) and Waynon- Void (2014) Georges has also won numerous awards, of which: Best actor in Rotterdam Film Festival for his role in “Under the Bombs”, Murex d’Or as Best Drama Actor for his role in Ghadi, Ila Yara and Kezzeb Kbir. Murex d’Or as a Polyvalent Artist, for Best Theatrical Play Kezzeb Kbir and for Best TV Series Abdo & Abdo.