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Master of Arts in English Language & Literature - Literature

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The mission of the MA in English Language and Literature is to deepen students’ knowledge of English literature and of the workings of the English language. Degree holders are equipped with the analytical and conceptual tools for further graduate study in English, or for a career in foreign language teaching, program administration, and communications.


Program Educational Objectives

The program will prepare students to:

  1. 1.Deepen their knowledge of English literature and culture across time and place;
  2. 2. Undertake complex analysis of written texts and other forms of discourse and identify the ways in which meaning is generated;
  3. 3.Display critical, self-reflexive and ethically-grounded thinking and judgment;
  4. 4.Pursue doctoral studies in a variety of fields that build on their knowledge of English studies.



Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students should be able to:

  1. 1.Demonstrate specialized knowledge of the broad field of English literary studies, from canonical and non-canonical perspectives;
  2. 2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of, and ability to apply, diverse critical approaches to the study of literature;
  3. 3.Analyze tensions in literary and cultural contexts;
  4. 4.Apply key academic research techniques to writing and speaking successfully;
  5. 5.Analyze new, complex and unpredictable texts that require a broad range of critical and analytical skills for understanding.



Graduation Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the Master of Arts in English Language and Literature Emphasis, the student must complete 30 credits with an overall average of 3.0/4.0 including submitting and defending a thesis.



Minimum Cumulative GPA
Total 30 Credits
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