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For the Future of Lebanon & Its Youth

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Coming Together for a Cause

Lebanon’s economic crisis has been negatively affecting individuals’ lives since late 2019, the disparity between the Lebanese Pound and US Dollar increasing by the day. At NDU, it is of utmost importance that we support our students so that they may receive the highest quality of education without the burden of financial strain. Magida El Roumi, renowned singer and notable philanthropist, has always prioritized the welfare of others throughout her career, and is a firm believer in the educational and cultural development of society. As such, NDU and Magida have come together in this collaborative effort to meet their shared goal: facilitating the education of Lebanese youth by raising funds to support NDU students’ financial aid via a live concert at the University’s Main Campus.
  • Students are NDU's Priority

    Since 2019, Lebanese youth have been striving to continue their education in spite of an unprecedented economic and financial collapse that has reached sky-high inflation rates.


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  • Magida El Roumi: A Remarkable Humanitarian Artist

    Magida El Roumi is a true Ambassador of Lebanon who has continued to raise high the Lebanese flag with her mesmerizing voice, outstanding artistic poise, and unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes.


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  • Support Packages

    Today more than ever, external funding has become crucial for the survival and support of students and their Education.
    We are grateful for your generosity, which will help us to continue to strive towards a sense of equilibrium during these trying times.


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