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Mission, Vision & Values

BHMT Mission Statement

Consistent with the Faculty mission, the Bachelor Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Notre Dame University-Louaize contributes to the development of the Lebanese tourism industry and provides local, regional and international markets with high caliber professionals of different areas of expertise. The Program aspires to embed in students an entrepreneurial spirit, sustainability principles as well as ethical and multicultural values.

BHTM Program Learning Goals and Outcomes

by the end of the program graduates will be able to:


Goal 1: General Skills:

Our graduates will demonstrate socially responsible professionalism.

  • Act in light of sustainable development principles and the common good;
  • Embrace universal human values and moral integrity;
  • Behave professionally and in an informed manner;
  • Provide customer-centered services;
  • Communicate effectively;


Goal 2: Hospitality Management Specific Skills:

Our graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to business related challenges in the dynamic hospitality and tourism environment.
  • Identify the role of business functions in the hospitality and tourism industry;
  • Recognize and evaluate the impact of internal and external risks and opportunities;
  • Demonstrate adequate skills in performing post-entry position operations;
  • Use information technology in operational decision-making;
  • Pursue professional and academic development.
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