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Location and Climate

Situated in the historic town of Deir El Kamar, Notre Dame University- Shouf Campus offers students an inspiring academic, cultural and natural environment. Known as the capital of princes, Deir El Kamar is home to ancient palaces, houses and libraries. It is a living museum where students get to learn beyond the classroom as they interact with the royal past of Deir El Kamar, while living in its diverse social and cultural present.

950 meters above sea level, the campus is nestled in the heart of nature and is only 35km away from Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Deir El Kamar has a pleasant moderate climate all year round. The changing natural landscape embracing the winter snow and spring blooms is ideal for active outdoor activities and relaxing strolls.

Naturally, historically and culturally rich, Notre Dame University – Shouf Campus is an exceptional place to learn, a place to inspire and awaken educational and personal capacities
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