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Notre Dame University – Shouf Campus was established by the Maronite Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 2001 to service students in the Shouf and Southern regions of Lebanon. The official inauguration of the campus in Deir El Kamar took place on Friday, October 21 after NDU’s Board of Trustees approved the formation of a new campus in its March 8, 2001 meeting.

Shouf Campus benefits from a long history in educational excellence. Established next to the Mar Abda Monastery, founded on June 22, 1849, the campus builds upon the monastery’s educational mission. As early as 1895, Fr. Ephrem Hnein El-Dirany opened a school, within the monastery, for the teaching of Syriac, Arabic and French languages, in addition to Mathematics, Geography and handwriting. Decades later, Mar Abda College, founded in 1963, becomes and remains till today one of the leading schools in the region.

True to its history in education and its mission as a Notre Dame University, Shouf Campus brings quality higher education closer to students’ homes and their work places. Starting out with a handful of students, Shouf Campus is today home to around 450 students majoring in disciplines that range from Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs to specialized degree programs in fields like Engineering, Architecture, Advertising, Mathematics, Business and Health Sciences.

Notre Dame University- Shouf Campus students gain the advantage of being part of a distinguished university with the warm atmosphere of a friendly campus. Small classes, talented faculty, and support services provide students with unique educational opportunities. Specialized laboratories fully equipped with the latest technologies enhance students’ learning experience. Shouf Campus students are active in student-led clubs and are dynamically involved in the community through social and outreach programs. Through commitment to equity, educational excellence and financial aid programs, Notre Dame University-Shouf Campus ensures that quality higher education remains accessible and within reach.

Several administrators were entrusted with the branch’s directorship since its opening:
  • Dr. Assaad Eid 2001 – 2004
  • Dr. Roy Khoueiri 2004 – 2006
  • Fr. Boutros Bou Nassif 2006 – 2011
  • Fr. François Akl 2011 – 2014
  • Fr. Hanna Tayar 2014 – 2018
  • Fr. Naji Khalil 2018 – Present
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