City Street 2

Street-Forming re-formaing transforming the 21st century city streets

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Streets connect but also disrupt. Streets are traces of cities’ evolution and of civilizations. In the 21st century, with unprecedented urbanization and the need for planning resilient cities, the impact on streets is tremendous in relation to transport, communication, identities, safety, functions and socio-cultural roles. Queries arise, on whether anticipating or influencing change in the roles and characters of streets should be addressed within pre-determined conventional, professional, and institutional settings or within a broader framework. MORE


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‘City streets make up more than 80% of open spaces in most cities, but how can these be used for other uses that transit to further democracy, health and sustainability? Camilla van Deurs will give examples from Gehl’s projects around the World of great streets that have reclaimed a better balance between People and mobility.’ Camilla van Deurs
‘Identity of place: the place is a room, a house, a street and a city. The sign, the word, the colour and the arrow are the gestures of public space. The designer endows the place with the language that renders its identity visible.’ Andreas Uebele
‘At a moment when private investment have taken control of what was left of our public space in streets and entire parts of cities across the globe, the notion itself of street as public realm is under attack. The City Street2 conference offers a much needed and timely opportunity for an operative reflection on the role urban designers and professionals of the built environment have in this process.’ Paola Somma