Sérgio Barreiros Proença

Sérgio Barreiros Proenca (Lisbon, Portugal, 1977) graduated in 2000 in Architecture at the Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, MSc in Modern and Contemporary Architectural Culture since 2007 and PhD in Urbanism since 2014 with the thesis The diversity of the Street in the city of Lisbon. Morphology and Morphogenesis by the Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade de Lisboa.
Assistant Professor of the FAUL, effective researcher of CIAUD and founding member of formaurbis LAB. Researches and publishes regularly on the subject of Urban Morphology since 2006. Coordinates the ongoing research on The Portuguese Atlantic Seashore Streets. Interpretative reading and Design in Climate Change context. The underlying main idea is the construction of a reference framework for the design of waterfronts adapted to climate change effects from sea-level rise models, addressing an urban space typology that plays a lead role in the mediation between city and sea: Portuguese Atlantic Seashore Streets, converging the research on Urban Morphology (formaurbis LAB / CIAUD / FAUL) and Climate Change (cE3c and IDL / FCiências.ID).

He is part of international scientific committees and has been invited to lecture in other institutions. His academic activity and works in which he participated were acknowledged by different awards.