CARE leads with others in furthering education policy and practice through applied education research and development in Lebanon and the Arab region.

Since its establishment in 2006, it has succeeded in conducting institutional studies on student enrollment and achievement at NDU, collaborating with other universities in a number of TEMPUS programs, supporting preparations for accreditation, facilitating institutional professional development activities, and leading inter-disciplinary research studies in Lebanon and with other institutions across the region.

The activities undertaken at CARE aim to enhance classroom learning through evidence-based practices and experiences. Thus, the center holds in great value young people’s points of views, wider collaboration with civil society and international institutions and the ongoing construction of knowledge. Through these values, the center promotes interdisciplinary activities; the consultation of young people, students and faculty; and initiatives to provide surrounding communities with opportunities for stability and progress.


CARE Vision

CARE has a clear vision to:
Lead, collaborate and support in research studies that address the most urgent issues regarding access to and quality of education.

  • Enhance the quality of learning and teaching at NDU, other higher education institutions and schools by sharing and disseminating experiences and supporting learning communities through evidence-informed approaches.
  • Engage with civil society in the design and implementation of education development projects to further advance conceptual frameworks and practical approaches to assuring access to quality education.