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Note from the Board of Trustees

Let us help students build a better tomorrow” 


Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) is part of a proud tradition going all the way back to 1736, when the Mariamite Maronite Order (OMM) made a pledge to cultivate affordable education throughout Lebanon. Since then, we have come a long way to fulfilling that pledge. Between three different campuses across the country, all providing education accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), and strong financial aid and merit scholarships programs, NDU reaches past geographical and fiscal barriers to provide exceptional education for all its students, and helps them to shape their futures.

This gala dinner is a chance for us, the Board of Trustees, to continue the time-honored goal of the OMM, and to keep enabling NDU to stand as a beacon of education for all, especially during the current economic downturn.

Today I call upon everyone, to support the worthy cause of offering quality education to young men and women who rely on everyone’s generosity. These students have placed their trust in us, let us take their hands and help them build a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Rose Choueiri
Chair of the board Advancement Committee



Board of Trustees

Mr. Ronald Farra, Chair
Ms. Rose Choueiry, Deputy Chairperson, and Chairperson Committee of Advancement
Ms. Mona Kanaan, Secretary
Mr. John Moufarrej, Treasurer
H.E. Minister Selim Sayegh, Chairperson, Committee of Education
Mr. Selim Zeenni, Chairperson, Committee of Finance and Audit
Reverend Pierre Najem, University President (ex officio member)
Abbot Semaan Abou Abdo
Reverend Jihad Younes
Reverend Pierre Ghsoub
Reverend Ziad Antoun
Reverend Joseph Zgheib
H.E.  Minister Ziyad Baroud
Mr. Farid Chedid
Ms. Hayat Frem
Mr. Joseph Ghsoub
H.E. Ambassador Johnny Ibrahim
Mr. Youssef Kanaan
H.E. Minister Violette Khairallah
Mr. Ghassan Khoury
Mr. Nassib Shdeed
Dr. Philip Salem
Dr. Joseph Tarabay
Mr. Philippe Ziade
Dr. Fouad Zmokhol

Emeritus Board

Dr. Georges Abou Jaoude
Dr. Francois Bassil
H.E. Minister Michel Edde

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