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Sara Nehme

7 years of experience in marketing management, with a strong business acumen in: Digital marketing, Strategy and Budgeting, Leads Generation, Customer Journey, Online/Offline Marketing and Events’ Management in the automotive, E-commerce, and Luxury brands namely in: Lebanon, UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Egypt.

Graduated from NDU with distinction in Hospitality Events Management, and then pursed her Masters in Marketing and Communication Management at the ESA Business School with ESCP Europe joint program. In Parallel to her career which kick started in 2014, she has grown a passion for digital marketing, accompanied by the ESA Business School Digital Marketing Certificates she received and seven other Google certificates to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the virtual world.
“Continuous education is freedom. Freedom of the mind unleashing talents, creativity and enabling people to move forward.” With a passion to learn and educate, Sara is currently enrolled in the Audencia Business School, Paris Campus, where she is pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration earned with Scholarship.

Career Key Milestones in a Glimpse Digital Marketing Coordinator
2014-2016: Managed and executed marketing activities to increase website traffic leading to more than six Digits- views in Y2014.

ANBoukather Holding

A learning experience that allowed me to grow and achieve key milestones that impacted my career in unparalleled ways. 

From Senior Community Manager to Group Manager of the Communication Division handling all brands portfolio in three years: Mazda, Ford, Opel, Otokar, KTM in Lebanon and the UAE, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Bajaj; one of the most successful milestones were the following:

2016: Led the role of Senior Community Management integrated for the first time at ANB Automotive, created and executed the community management strategy including script, online negotiation and customer experience on ANB social networks achieving more than a 3-digit % growth in effective leads generation.

:  Led ANB Automotive digital plan and team as Digital Marketing Manager jointly with brand managers to ensure effective lead generation and enhance customer experience at different touch points, resulting in the highest number of leads generated from social networks.

2017: In addition to previous key responsibilities, she led the role of Marketing Manager for the Motorcycles division achieving the highest market share of motorcycles in Lebanon.

2018: Re-Launched KTM in UAE along the brand manager, leading to a strong community of clients and PR improving the brand image and the after sales experience, under ANB Automotive umbrella.

2018-2019: Led ANB Automotive portfolio as the Group Manager of the Communication Division across Lebanon and UAE by creating and executing plans and strategies jointly with brand managers to ensure KPIs alignment with ANB automotive vision and business objectives.

Freelance Digital Marketing and Project Management Consultant
Since 2019, her passion for marketing encouraged her to take on other aspects and markets as a Freelance Digital Marketing and Project/ Events Consultant. She also partook in numerous projects namely in: Dakar 2020 race in KSA, Yessayan Jewelry in Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE. She planned the launch campaign (leading to 33% organic increase in followers),, Ford Middle East Central Marketing team, part of a six months project contract, which resulted in a new agreement with GTB, where she resumes her digital marketing activities as a Digital project Manager to date.

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