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Rosemary Romanos

Rosemary is a social entrepreneur with eight years of experience in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. She holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Brown University and an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from AUB.

Rosemary is the founder and CEO of Salma Loves Beauty, a natural Lebanese skincare brand that produces and sells olive oil soaps. She is responsible for growing the local and international markets while managing with the team the business operations.

Upon graduating, Rosemary lived in New York then London where she worked at Google, part of the product team. She provided technical expertise and product knowledge across Google products, consulting global internal and external clients in EMEA. She collaborated with support and consulting colleagues across multiple geographies to achieve and maintain a 99% customer satisfaction. In 2016, Rosemary moved back to Lebanon and co-founded a social enterprise in renewable energy where she was able to raise 150K USD in funds as grants and equity.

Rosemary is a firm-passionate believer in developing sustainable businesses that are responsible and give back to the community. 

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