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Razi El Hage

Razi El Hage is an Economic Expert with more than ten years’ experience in consultancy and public policies. He is:

Expert in Economics - Ministry of Economy and Trade - Lebanon (since 2010).
Senior Advisor to the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (February 2019 - January 2020).
Founder of R-One Invest Group in 2010 working in the field of consulting and economic investment management.
Mediate in resolving disputes between the consumer and professionals at the Ministry of Economy and Trade - Lebanon (Decision 50/1 / AE 2017).
Responsible for the file of medium and small enterprises in the Ministry of Economy and Trade - Lebanon.

As an Economic Expert, Mr. Hage works on developing short and long-term action plans as well as Public policies. He designed, developed and logistically organized specialized training programs, and other many programs to measure and evaluate performance and Crisis management. He as well supervised the implementation of quality management systems in public and private institutions. 

On the other hand, Mr. El Hage has a large participation on the humanitarian side, beside of being the General manager of Dr. Wadih HAGE Foundation (since 2010), he is: 

  • Manager of Dr. Wadih HAGE Primary Health Care Center - Baskinta - Dr. Wadih HAGE Association (since 2010);
  • Manager of Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi’s Aid Center - Dr. Wadih HAGE Association (since 2011);
  • Manager of the Planning and Growth Center “Metn” - Dr. Wadih HAGE Association (since 2013);
  • Supervisor of the program "giving" - Hospital Health Card - Dr. Wadih HAGE Association (since 2016).



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