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Mission & Vision

Programs of Study

The Department of Sciences offers a Freshman Science Program and an undergraduate program leading to the degrees of:

  • BS in Biology (92 credits);
  • BS in Environmental Science (92 credits);
  • BS in Chemistry (92 credits);
  • MS in Industrial Chemistry (36 credits).


In addition, the Department of Sciences offers a Minor in Biology (17 credits).

The Department of Sciences also offers a variety of undergraduate service courses in biology, chemistry and geology. These courses are meant to serve academic programs offered by other Faculties of the University.

Freshman Science Program

The Freshman Science program consists of a minimum of 30 credits. This program is equivalent to the official Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II (Scientific Strands). It normally requires a minimum period of 2 semesters. The Freshman Science Program includes courses from the following areas:


Humanities and Social Sciences (9 cr.)

A minimum of 3 credits in each area.


Mathematics (6 cr.)

MAT 111 & MAT 112.


Natural Sciences (9 cr.)


Free Electives (6 cr.)


*Suggestions: Students planning to go into Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics may choose to take PHS 101, 102, and CHM 101.
Students planning to go into Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Medical Lab Technology, Nutrition, or Nursing may choose to take BIO 101, CHM 101, and CHM 102.

For more details on this program, refer to the subsection “Freshman Program” within the section “LAC, Freshman Program and Degrees.”

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