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Mission & Vision


The main mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to provide high quality instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department offers a number of degree programs and a range of courses that enable students to pursue graduate degrees or to work in jobs that require a high degree of mathematical skills. Moreover, the Department is committed to enhancing and developing its research output and to supporting other professional activities.

Programs of Study

The Department offers programs in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences leading to the degrees of:
  • BS in Mathematics (90 credits);
  • BS in Actuarial Sciences (94 credits);
  • MS in Mathematics (33 credits);
  • MS in Financial Mathematics (33 credits).

The Department also offers the following minors:
  • Minor in Actuarial Sciences (18 credits);
  • Minor in Mathematics (15 credits).

The Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program is designed to prepare students for graduate studies in Mathematics and in mathematics related fields such as Applied Mathematics, statistics, Actuarial Sciences and Financial engineering. The program main potential employers are organizations concerned with risk such as Insurance companies, banks, actuarial consultancy and statistical agencies.

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