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Historical Overview

Although the FNAS was established since the official inception of NDU in the academic year 1987-1988, it was only in 1991-1992 that our Faculty started legally, with licensed diplomas, by offering two majors: a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Mathematics (Date of the legal licensing for both: 16/5/1991). Each major was affiliated to a separate department; the Department of Computer Science (DCS) and the department of mathematics (DM), respectively. The next step was taken in 1993 with the licensing of two additional majors: a BS in Actuarial Science (03/06/1993) as part of the DM and a BS in Biology (25/11/1993). As of the academic year 1995-1996, the department of sciences (DS) was established and housed the biology major, as well as the freshman science program, which existed as of October 1997. The department of mathematics was renamed the department of mathematics and statistics (DMS), after housing all university statistic courses as of 1995-1996. The next move was the introduction of a BS in Environmental Science (DS; 23/01/1997). Around the Fall semester of the academic year 2000-2001, five new majors were obtained in a row: a BS in Physics (DS; 24/01/2000), and four majors licensed on the same date (24/03/2000): a BS in Applied Statistics (DMS), a BS in Geographic Information Systems (DCS), a BS in Business Computing (DCS), and a BS in Medical Lab Technology (DS). Then, the DS was enriched with two new majors: a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics (01/10/2004), and a BS in Chemistry (15/04/2005).

An important step was taken in 1994 with the introduction of the first Master’s program in the FNAS: the MS in Computer Science (DCS; 14/01/1994). In 2001, the second Master’s program in the FNAS was licensed: It was the MS in Mathematics (DMS; 30/11/2001). In Fall 2010, the BS degree in Physics and its related physics and astronomy courses were transferred from the DS, to the newly created the department of physics and astronomy, and in the same semester this department launched a joint master’s degree in astrophysics in collaboration with Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ). In Fall 2011, two additional masters degrees were officially approved; the MS in Financial Mathematics (13/6/2011) and the MS in Biology (13/6/2011). And as a result of the launching of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at NDU on October 1st, 2008 (officially licensed on 05/09/2008), both the BS in Nutrition & Dietetics and the BS in Medical Lab Technology were transferred to the new Faculty as of its starting date.

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