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Note from the Dean

It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Notre Dame University -Louaize. Here, we pride ourselves on the fact that our programs are innovative, unique, and contemporary. We consider ourselves to be in the business of equipping the leaders of tomorrow with cutting edge education that cultivates knowledge and cementing it with practical and professional skills on the bedrock of highly ethical principles.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are second to none in their approach, method, and end goals. For example, we are the only law school in Lebanon that offers, over and above the rigorous Lebanese law program, a curriculum including a comprehensive program in common law. We are consequently able to provide our students with options that are far beyond the realm of the conventional opportunities available for others similarly situated graduates. Moreover, our masters programs in international law and international affairs avail students of options and emphases that are hard to find elsewhere. The most recent innovation that we have introduced in our faculty is a program of post-graduate certificates geared towards targeting specific and distinct areas of knowledge and skills that are direly needed in the job market. These certificates are uniquely designed to propel our graduates into lucrative careers in their areas of interest.

I would be remiss if I concluded without elaborating on what constitutes the corner stone of our teaching philosophy in all our graduate and undergraduate programs, which is to coherently and seamlessly marry the knowledge of theories with the practical skills needed to produce an effective professional. We remain mindful at all times that our overarching concept, which animates everything we do at this faculty, is the need to infuse professional ethics and social justice awareness in each and every student we are privileged to have with us. Here, we are a community that believes in what the philosopher John Ruskin wrote: “the highest reward of a person’s toil is not what they got for it, but what they became by it”.

Accordingly we journey together, we grow stronger with each other, so that at the station of graduation we are ready to produce conscientious professionals who are appropriately equipped and bold enough to make the world a better place.

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