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Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Government and International Relations at Notre Dame University where we offer undergraduate, and Master’s degrees in Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations with concentration studies.

The study of politics has always been exciting and interesting. Nowadays, Technological developments have made it possible that we scholars and students of Political Science and International Relations could have instantaneous access to the most in-depth news of – be it international crisis, the Arab uprising(s) or particular election results of a remote country. Today, we are all bombarded by enormous amount of information coming from the electronic media through our satellite TVs, computers, smart phones as well as the traditional media. The question is how do we try to make sense of all these enormous amount of information, so that we can make sensible political judgments? The answer is studying political science and international relations systematically in an academic setting.

The Department of Government and International Relations at Notre Dame University is one of the leading political science and international relations communities in Lebanon and the Middle East. The Department is committed to supporting students in their journey to grasp the complexity as a whole as well as the interplay of the different components of the contemporary dynamic world.

Understanding the contemporary dynamic world necessitates careful blending of both practice and the theory. In that regard, our faculty members can be classified broadly into two as the policy-oriented scholars and international relations professionals. Some of them produce strictly academic outputs, while the others are deeply involved in more policy oriented affairs.

Beyond the excellence in teaching standard basic theories and their applications, the Department was a pioneer in introducing specialized emphasis in American Studies and Euro-Mediterranean Studies, as well as the very timely program emphasis in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as a new form of political interaction and public management.

Moreover, the International Affairs and Diplomacy program and the way it was shaped draws great interest among students who want to be active actors in the system of global governance, through its different forms and agencies. Since its creation, the International Affairs Major has continuously hosted the largest number of students in the Faculty.

On the Graduate level, innovation was also the driving force with the introduction of three new emphases in addition to the three standard fields of Political Science, Public Administration and International Affairs. The Faculty introduced pioneering programs in Lebanon and the region, emphasizing NGOs, Human Rights, and International Law.

All these programs are organized in close partnership and active participation of students, and with an open door policy that make the Department—in all its components: Administration, faculty members and students—one family true to the University’s Mission of promoting “diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good” and educating enlightened citizens who are equipped to be “future leaders deriving reason from knowledge.


Dr. Dany Ghsoub

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