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The purpose of the Teaching Diploma program is to prepare school teachers. The program is designed to cater to both the freshly-out-of-school, inexperienced graduate and the teacher who has already had some experience but who lacks scientific preparation.

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Program Educational Objectives

The course material will cover the various aspects of teaching Arabic. Such aspects include general educational theories of acquisition, basic educational psychology, discipline and management in the classroom, testing and evaluating, and the different methods of the teaching-learning process.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, a candidate must either be working towards a B.A. degree in Arabic or hold a recognized B.A. degree in Arabic.


The Government of Lebanon recognizes the Teaching Diploma as equivalent to the “License d’Enseignement” if the student holds the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II and has successfully passed the number of credits required for the Diploma over and above the total number of credits required for the B.A. degree in Arabic.

Graduation Requirements

In order to obtain the Teaching Diploma, students must successfully pass 21 credits with a GPA of 2.0/4.0 or above in the following courses:


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