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Summer Arabic Program

Program Objective

The Summer Arabic Program aims at making the Arabic language (colloquial, formal, and written) accessible to students in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.


Program Overview

This program engages students in the culture of contemporary Lebanon, one of the world’s most dynamic countries. Participants study at NDU, Lebanon, where the SAP program is set for teaching formal and colloquial Arabic at the preliminary, preparatory, intermediate, and advanced levels. Intensive personalized classroom instruction is supplemented by review sessions, individual tutorials, and daily practice with Lebanese conversation partners chosen mostly from NDU students and staff. Group excursions in Lebanon give students insight into Lebanese culture, society, and lifestyle, and provide students with opportunities to use their language skills with native speakers.


  • Level I (Preliminary Arabic): ARB 100, ARB 104
  • Level II (Preparatory): ARB 202, ARB 203
  • Level III (Intermediate): ARB 205, ARB 204
  • Level IV (Advanced Arabic): ARB 225, ARB 226


Program Duration

Five weeks: Classes begin the first week of July.

N.B.: Credits acquired in the SAP Sessions are transferable.


Admission Requirements

Anyone who is interested in the program is kindly requested to submit the following documents:

  • Application form (downloaded from website under Summer Arabic Program - Faculty of Humanities);
  • Official transcript of grades (if applicable);
  • Arabic language teacher’s recommendation (if applicable);
  • Writing sample from the most recent Arabic course (if applicable);
  • Non-refundable application fee of US$30 (check order made payable to Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon);
  • Application Deadline is June 15th.
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