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Consistent with the Faculty mission, the Bachelor of Science in Economics at Notre Dame University-Louaize provides a combination of academic rigor and career preparation. It equips students with solid analytical skills and problem solving abilities. Such skills are keys to develop students’ critical thinking. This is combined with good communication skills. The Economics program emphasizes undergraduate study in a liberal arts education environment. It maintains the highest standards of education through a continuously revised curriculum. It intends to prepare students for either future graduate studies or for a variety of careers in the private and public sectors. The program provides students with a challenging educational experience that enhances their innovation, competence and sense of social responsibility. It also offers an equal chance for all students.

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Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Science in Economics must complete a total of 90 credits. The degree requires an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.3/4.0 in the common core and major requirements. These credits are divided into Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, Common Core Requirements, Major Requirements, Faculty Electives, and Free Electives. In addition, the passing grade for Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and Principles of Financial Management I, is “C.” The passing grade for remedial Math courses is “C.” Students are strongly advised to plan their courses in advance for the entire program.


Admission Requirements

All applicants must satisfy an acknowledged level of English proficiency to be admitted. For more information, kindly refer to appropriate pages in this Catalog. A student may be required to take Math 105 as a remedial course in mathematics if, upon evaluating his or her application, he or she did not accumulate the minimum composite score required by the FBAE.


Liberal Arts Curriculum (27cr.)

Free Electives (6cr.)

Students are free to choose any 6 credits offered by the University.

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year I (15cr.)
Fall Semester I (15 cr.)
ACO 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
STA 210 Statistics for Business and Economics 3 cr.
ECN 211 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr.
LAC 6 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (15cr.)
Spring Semester I (15)
ACO 202 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.
ECN 212 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr.
MAT 204 Mathematics for Business and Economics I 3 cr.
CSC 216 Computer Programming I 3 cr.
LAC 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (15cr.)
ECN 323 Intermediate Macroeconomics Analysis (MR) 3 cr.
ECN 308 Quantitative Analysis 3 cr.
Major Electives 3 cr.
LAC  6cr.
Fall Semester Year III (15cr.)
ECN 314 Applied Econometrics and Time Series 3 cr.
  Major Electives 6 cr.
LAC 3 cr.
Free Electives 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year III (13cr.)
ECN 450 Research Methods 2 cr.
ECN 482 Internship 1 cr.
Major Electives  6 cr.
LAC 3 cr.
Free electives 3 cr.


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